JBO shark - Efficiency through innovation


    JBO shark - Efficiency through innovation

High perf. thread milling cutters | High perf. thread cutting dies | Precision thread gauges

    The new optimised JBO products are available. Our development team was pleased to see how they were able to make improvements in all product areas.
Your advantages: Tools that offer higher efficiency as well as the completion of our thread gauges FASTLINE programme with thread ring gauges, delivery time within 2 weeks.

    Distinctive features of our high-performance thread milling cutters of the SHARK type are the universal applicability for various materials with up to 100% higher tool life in steel machining.

    The PCD-PF Eco cutter head was deliberately designed with a lower number of cutting edges to accommodate new machining operations on existing machines.

    In the case of the high performance cutting dies for machining low-lead or lead-free brass, it is primarily the optimised cutting geometry paired with a DLC coating and optional internal cooling.

    The alternative digital WMCD-MultiCheck offers the possibility to change the GO thread plug gauges very easily.

    Our MultiCheck 4.0 measuring head is designed for automated thread inspection and thread depth measurement by using a robot or a processing machine.

    You can refer to the products here:

- GFT Shark

- GFM Shark

- GFT Shark

- GFT-H Shark

- BGFS Shark

- PKD-PF/PKD-PF Eco Milling cutter

- Special Tool Combination For Lead-free Copper

- Precision thread cutting dies with internal coolant and DLC coating

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