1. Research and discussion about special threading specification.
For example

*Aerospace Threading: MJ 4H/5H per ISO5855 and UNJF-3B per ISO3161/ASME B1.15

*Wire Insert EG Threading: EG-M per DIN8140 and EG-UN per UN-ASME1829/BS 3409

*Trapezgewinde: Tr. 30 degree per DIN103,380,263


*Rundgewinde: Rd. 30 degree per DIN3182-1

*ACME Threading: 29 degree per ASME B1.5/ASNI B1.8


*BA Threading: 47-1/2 degree per BS93
*Vg Threading: 60 degree per DIN7756

*SZ Threading: 3 degree + 30 degree per DIN513-1~3


2. Regrinding for Straight Flutes and Sprial Points
We can offer regrinding cutting edge for weariness taps per picture shown, that will be Increased by tool life totally.


3. Recalibration for Gauges and Multi-Checking on Calibration Certificate

*JBO can recalibrate weariness gauges for special threading to make sure its validity and reissue certificates per attachments of UNJEF-3A, EG M-6H mod, G-A, DIN158 ones.

*JBO can offer Multi-Checking Certificate per attachment of 1/4-28UNF-3A Option 4 to measuring Values of Pitch, Thread angle and flank angel, Pitch diameter and Minor Diameter, which are able to fully meet top of precision calibration in Optical Instrument, Medical Science and Aerospace industries.