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About ASP

Aspiring Industry Co., Ltd.(called ASP in brief) was found in Mar. 1990 and have specialized in German Thread Tooling and Measuring.  Our market covered Taiwan, China and South Eastern Asia.

Sole Agent from German Products

JBO: Mr. Johannes Boss established Johns. Boss GmbH & Co.KG for fine mechanics to produce precision balances in 1849. The outbreak of World War I in 1914 leads to radical changes-the entire production has to be converted to Thread Cutting Dies. JBO have spent 171 years to produce Threading Gauges, Depth Core Gauges, Thread Milling Cutter, Cutting Dies, Rolling Dies and Combination Tools both for External and Internal Threading.  She now have 10,000 different thread cutting dies, 10,000 different thread gauges and 2,000 different (drill) thread milling cutters in available stocks.
It is of paramount importance to our company that we react immediately to the challenges and requirements of our customers and to market demands.  Continual innovation, quality products, a passionate commitment to service, active process management, high standards and cost effective solutions are the cornerstones of JBO philosophy.

BOSS: Jakob Boss Sohne GmbH & Co KG was found in 1905 and was merged with France Armor Group to change name by Neoboss GmbH in 2006. Boss mainly produced Spiral Flutes Taps, Spiral Point Taps, Formex Taps, Nut Taps, EG Taps, UNJF Aerospace Taps and Customized Taps i.e. Tr. Multi-starts for one of examples, It served in Automobile, Motorcycle, Fastener, Mould, Electronic Industries.

h+s:  Prazisions-Folien GmbH authorized us be sole agent in China since 2000. Starting from 5 micron thin steel shim that supplied to high speed stamping machines for precise electronic components production, making feeler gauges and filling micron unbalance for Grinding Machines.

ASP: have 30 year’s experience and knowledge in Threading Technology that under Top ones in Threading Tooling and Measuring Producers by 171 years of JBO and 115 years of BOSS, which let us have strong team to solve any issues and/or improve customer’s quality in Thread Cutting, Forming and Measurement succesfully.


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