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Aspiring Industry Co., Ltd.(called ASP in brief) was found in Mar. 1990 and have specialized in German Thread Tooling and Measuring.  Our market covered Taiwan, China and South Eastern Asia.

Sole Agent from German Products

JBO: Mr. Johannes Boss established Johns. Boss GmbH & Co.KG for fine mechanics to produce precision balances in 1849. The outbreak of World War I in 1914 leads to radical changes-the entire production has to be converted to Thread Cutting Dies. JBO have spent 171 years to produce Threading Gauges, Depth Core Gauges, Thread Milling Cutter, Cutting Dies, Rolling Dies and Combination Tools both for External and Internal Threading.  She now have 10,000 different thread cutting dies, 10,000 different thread gauges and 2,000 different (drill) thread milling cutters in available stocks.
It is of paramount importance to our company that we react immediately to the challenges and requirements of our customers and to market demands.  Continual innovation, quality products, a passionate commitment to service, active process management, high standards and cost effective solutions are the cornerstones of JBO philosophy.

BOSS: Jakob Boss Sohne GmbH & Co KG was found in 1905 and was merged with France Armor Group to change name by Neoboss GmbH in 2006. Boss mainly produced Spiral Flutes Taps, Spiral Point Taps, Formex Taps, Nut Taps, EG Taps, UNJF Aerospace Taps and Customized Taps i.e. Tr. Multi-starts for one of examples, It served in Automobile, Motorcycle, Fastener, Mould, Electronic Industries.

h+s:  Prazisions-Folien GmbH authorized us be sole agent in China since 2000. Starting from 5 micron thin steel shim that supplied to high speed stamping machines for precise electronic components production, making feeler gauges and filling micron unbalance for Grinding Machines.

ASP: have 30 year’s experience and knowledge in Threading Technology that under Top ones in Threading Tooling and Measuring Producers by 171 years of JBO and 115 years of BOSS, which let us have strong team to solve any issues and/or improve customer’s quality in Thread Cutting, Forming and Measurement succesfully.

Our Clients

20 Jul
TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk8ATm0Qwms FACT SHEET  For the first time ever, two major machine tool exhibitions in Taiwan, "Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS)" and "Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS)" will be held at the same time with the show name “TIMTOS x TMTS 2022” in Taipei, February 21 - 26, 2022, creating a “1+1 greater than 2” synergy for the industry, and likely boosting the international status of Taiwan machine tool industry. Total exports of Taiwan machine tools from January to August this year reached US$1.755 billion, a phenomenal increase by 22.2% over the same period last year. What’s more, recently TIMTOS and TMTS, two exhibition gurus in Taiwan, have reached consensus that they will be working together to host the shows same time, same venue in Taipei next February, with the same goal in view to help Taiwan companies explore global markets. Over the years, the two trade shows have been separately held in Taipei and Taichung and kept growing in scale. However, due to the pandemic and venue issues in Taichung, both TIMTOS 2021 and TMTS 2020 were presented online instead of physical exhibitions. As the global machine tool industry is recovering from the pandemic and demand is going high, industry players are eager for physical events. Mr. Jong-chin Shen, Vice Premier of Executive Yuan has thus coordinated the organizers of TIMTOS and TMTS to work together and maximize the trade opportunities for all the exhibitors and visitors. Undoubtedly, the cooperation marks a milestone of unity for Taiwan machine tools industry. Aside from metal cutting machine tools, machining centers and metal forming machine tools, the joint show “TIMTOS x TMTS 2022” will also showcase a lineup of smart machines. "Smart Machinery" is part of Taiwan government’s “five plus two” innovative industries plan. The alliance between TIMTOS and TMTS in 2022 will fully represent the development and R&D capacity of Taiwan smart machinery industry. It is expected that the joint show “TIMTOS x TMTS 2022” will consolidate resources available to better serve all attendees. More updates will be coming shortly. Stay tuned on official websites www.timtos-tmts.com.tw. how Dates & Hours: Feb. 21st – 26th, 2022 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM Exhibition location  ➢ Nangang International Exhibition Center, Hall 2  ➢ No. 2, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City  ➢ Nangang Exhibition Hall 2, 7th Floor  ➢ Booth T0208 Exhibit Profile: ➢ Metal Cutting Machine Tools ➢ Machine Tool Parts, Components and Accessories ➢ Cutting Tools and Accessories ➢ Stamping, Foundry, Forging Machines ➢ Sheet Metal Processing Machines ➢ Tube and Wire Processing Machines ➢ Welding and Surface Treatment Equipment ➢ Controller, Software and Design Engineering, Robotics and Automation ➢ Inspecting, Measuring and Testing Equipment ➢ National Pavilion and Association Events: Opening Ceremony Summits & Seminars One-on-one Procurement Meetings Reception and Product Innovation Awards Ceremony
12 Oct
JBO shark - Efficiency through innovation
    JBO shark - Efficiency through innovation High perf. thread milling cutters | High perf. thread cutting dies | Precision thread gauges     The new optimised JBO products are available. Our development team was pleased to see how they were able to make improvements in all product areas. Your advantages: Tools that offer higher efficiency as well as the completion of our thread gauges FASTLINE programme with thread ring gauges, delivery time within 2 weeks.     Distinctive features of our high-performance thread milling cutters of the SHARK type are the universal applicability for various materials with up to 100% higher tool life in steel machining.     The PCD-PF Eco cutter head was deliberately designed with a lower number of cutting edges to accommodate new machining operations on existing machines.     In the case of the high performance cutting dies for machining low-lead or lead-free brass, it is primarily the optimised cutting geometry paired with a DLC coating and optional internal cooling.     The alternative digital WMCD-MultiCheck offers the possibility to change the GO thread plug gauges very easily.     Our MultiCheck 4.0 measuring head is designed for automated thread inspection and thread depth measurement by using a robot or a processing machine.     You can refer to the products here: - GFT Shark - GFM Shark - GFT Shark - GFT-H Shark - BGFS Shark - PKD-PF/PKD-PF Eco Milling cutter - Special Tool Combination For Lead-free Copper - Precision thread cutting dies with internal coolant and DLC coating You can find the flyer with more information about our innovations under the following link: https://www.johs-boss.de/images/service/downloads/prospekte/news2021.pdf We would be happy to present our inno vations to you in detail. Simply contact our application engineers on Taiwan: +886-7-5524388 China:   +0512-57877676  e-mail address: service@asp-boss.com We look forward to hearing from you!
23 Aug
JBO BGFS Thread Milling Cutter for hardened material (54-66HRC)
    Efficiency through innovation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=633Vg8FQkPE  Cycle time reduction in the production of internal threads in hardened materials using a solid carbide circular tapping cutter BGFS from JBO ­ ­ ­ ­ A central further development at JBO is the circular bore thread milling cutter. It was specially designed for machining in die and mould making, among other things for machining hardened and tempered steel materials with a hardness >=54 to 66 HRC. Further areas of application are the machining of cast materials, titanium alloys and non-ferrous metals as well as unhardened steels. Finely ground flutes, an optimised cutting geometry as well as a new hard metal and a new coating contribute to a uniform wear behaviour with a longer tool life. The tools are available in the dimensions M3-M16 as well as M8x0.75 and M10x1. In the standard programme, thread depths of up to 2.5xD can be realised.        Pic.1: Schematic injection mould                                                         Pic.2: BGFS You can find a video about this tool system on our YouTube channel under the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=633Vg8FQkPE You can find the general flyer about these tools on our homepage under the following link: https://www.johs-boss.de/images/service/downloads/prospekte/VHM_Zirkularbohrgewindefraeser_02_2021.pdf We would be happy to present this tool system to you in detail in person.