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Aspiring Industry Co., Ltd.(called ASP in brief) was found in Mar. 1990 and have specialized in German Thread Tooling and Measuring.  Our market covered Taiwan, China and South Eastern Asia.

Sole Agent from German Products

JBO: Mr. Johannes Boss established Johns. Boss GmbH & Co.KG for fine mechanics to produce precision balances in 1849. The outbreak of World War I in 1914 leads to radical changes-the entire production has to be converted to Thread Cutting Dies. JBO have spent 171 years to produce Threading Gauges, Depth Core Gauges, Thread Milling Cutter, Cutting Dies, Rolling Dies and Combination Tools both for External and Internal Threading.  She now have 10,000 different thread cutting dies, 10,000 different thread gauges and 2,000 different (drill) thread milling cutters in available stocks.
It is of paramount importance to our company that we react immediately to the challenges and requirements of our customers and to market demands.  Continual innovation, quality products, a passionate commitment to service, active process management, high standards and cost effective solutions are the cornerstones of JBO philosophy.

BOSS: Jakob Boss Sohne GmbH & Co KG was found in 1905 and was merged with France Armor Group to change name by Neoboss GmbH in 2006. Boss mainly produced Spiral Flutes Taps, Spiral Point Taps, Formex Taps, Nut Taps, EG Taps, UNJF Aerospace Taps and Customized Taps i.e. Tr. Multi-starts for one of examples, It served in Automobile, Motorcycle, Fastener, Mould, Electronic Industries.

h+s:  Prazisions-Folien GmbH authorized us be sole agent in China since 2000. Starting from 5 micron thin steel shim that supplied to high speed stamping machines for precise electronic components production, making feeler gauges and filling micron unbalance for Grinding Machines.

ASP: have 30 year’s experience and knowledge in Threading Technology that under Top ones in Threading Tooling and Measuring Producers by 171 years of JBO and 115 years of BOSS, which let us have strong team to solve any issues and/or improve customer’s quality in Thread Cutting, Forming and Measurement succesfully.

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12 Oct
JBO shark - Efficiency through innovation
    JBO shark - Efficiency through innovation     Thread milling cutter     Biting competitor With the 'Shark', we are launching a thread milling tool that clearly surpasses conventional tool concepts in terms of productivity and tool life. The multi-tooth milling cutter is available in three versions for a wide range of materials.  It naturally causes quite a stir when a company experienced in the technology of thread production promises its circle of users a "high increase in productivity with even better quality" with the latest new tool development. Nothing else has happened with the presentation of the current thread milling cutter 'Shark’.  We see ourselves as one of the leading international suppliers for thread machining and testing. Already in the sixth generation, we develop and produce our products without exception at the Albstadt site. For more than a hundred years, we have been intensively involved with the subject of threads. Our partners worldwide should profit from this consistent specialization and the comprehensive knowledge in this field. This is also the case with the Shark thread milling cutter. Experience and user requirements flowed into the new development      For the completely newly developed high-performance thread milling cutter series, we have drawn on various in-house developments of the past years and combined all positive findings in one tool. The high-performance thread milling cutter Shark had passed all in-house and user tests dealing with the production of internal threads of any kind with flying colors. Given the ever-increasing output and part quality requirements faced by industrial users, our designers were looking for a significant step forward in productivity, while at the same time making the tool resistant to mechanical wear. With the catchy name Shark, we refer to the range of characteristics that he attributes to his latest product: strong, goal-oriented, determined and aggressive. For the user, this means that the tool's bite is intuitively perceptible in the actual manufacturing process, while at the same time offering pronounced stability. This subjective perception is ultimately reflected in concrete parameters in connection with the productivity factor. The high-performance thread milling cutter is universally applicable and suitable for machining a wide range of materials. Steel and cast iron materials as well as non-ferrous metals and nickel alloys are no problem for it. It is right-hand cutting but left-hand spiral. Its unequal spiral pitch makes the Shark extremely low in vibration, thus enabling it to be used under difficult practical conditions. At the same time, a high surface quality is achieved in the component due to this special design feature. The large number of teeth and a new, progressive flute design also contribute to the achievable increase in productivity.  The processing time reduced by more than two thirds in some cases The threading tool is characterized by short cycle times. For example, in comparative machining tests with two competitor products, the Shark achieved a significant reduction in machining time of 2.47 s compared to 3.73 s and 9.50 s. The results were similar with regard to tool life. Similarly good results were achieved with regard to tool life. The results of a representative series of tests can be summarized as follows: with all three of the Shark tools examined, tool life of more than 7,000 threads was achieved, whereas the three tools of the two competitors only achieved tool life of almost 2,500 or even just under 1,000. The thread milling cutter is available in three basic versions. The first, the GFShark, is designed for metric regular threads. It has a straight shank and a cutting edge length of 2 × D. All its sub-variants (M3 to M14) are supplied with cooling channel. Due to its special design, it can be used to produce fine threads containing gauges starting from the nominal thread diameter of the of the standard thread. For example, an M 8 × 1 thread or an M 12 × 1 thread can be produced with a GFShark M6.The GFMShark multi-range thread milling cutter for standard and fine threads is available from stock for a nominal thread diameter of 14 mm for a metric pitch of 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm in the standard program. Other dimensions can be produced as special tools without any problems and in the shortest possible delivery time. The GFTShark is used for metric regular threads on thin-walled components, for small thread dimensions and for deep threads. It has three full thread profiles and can machine a thread depth up to 3 × D. From size M4, the series is equipped with cooling channel. A straight shank is used as the holder. Development and testing as a permanent process Stagnation is regression; further developments are the measure of all things. The very good understanding of the customers' processes, the expert selection of materials, the use of sophisticated processes and the professional, highly motivated commitment of our employees are always a guarantee for innovative, progressive solutions. All new developments are tested in Albstadt on machine tools that are provided exclusively for trials. They are used to put new developments through their paces down to the smallest detail - this is also what happened with the Shark thread milling cutter series. It was completely developed and optimized in-house.      You can refer to the products here: - GFT Shark - GFM Shark - GFT Shark - GFT-H Shark - BGFS Shark - PKD-PF/PKD-PF Eco Milling cutter - Special Tool Combination For Lead-free Copper - Precision thread cutting dies with internal coolant and DLC coating You can find the flyer with more information about our innovations under the following link: https://www.johs-boss.de/images/service/downloads/prospekte/news2021.pdf We would be happy to present our inno vations to you in detail. Simply contact our application engineers on Taiwan: +886-7-5524388 China:   +0512-57877676  e-mail address: service@asp-boss.com We look forward to hearing from you!
23 Aug
JBO BGFS Thread Milling Cutter for hardened material (54-66HRC)
    Efficiency through innovation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=633Vg8FQkPE  Cycle time reduction in the production of internal threads in hardened materials using a solid carbide circular tapping cutter BGFS from JBO ­ ­ ­ ­ A central further development at JBO is the circular bore thread milling cutter. It was specially designed for machining in die and mould making, among other things for machining hardened and tempered steel materials with a hardness >=54 to 66 HRC. Further areas of application are the machining of cast materials, titanium alloys and non-ferrous metals as well as unhardened steels. Finely ground flutes, an optimised cutting geometry as well as a new hard metal and a new coating contribute to a uniform wear behaviour with a longer tool life. The tools are available in the dimensions M3-M16 as well as M8x0.75 and M10x1. In the standard programme, thread depths of up to 2.5xD can be realised.        Pic.1: Schematic injection mould                                                         Pic.2: BGFS You can find a video about this tool system on our YouTube channel under the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=633Vg8FQkPE You can find the general flyer about these tools on our homepage under the following link: https://www.johs-boss.de/images/service/downloads/prospekte/VHM_Zirkularbohrgewindefraeser_02_2021.pdf We would be happy to present this tool system to you in detail in person.