JBO BGFS Thread Milling Cutter for hardened material (54-66HRC)


    Efficiency through innovation


 Cycle time reduction in the production of internal threads in hardened materials using a solid carbide circular tapping cutter BGFS from JBO




A central further development at JBO is the circular bore thread milling cutter. It was specially designed for machining in die and mould making, among other things for machining hardened and tempered steel materials with a hardness >=54 to 66 HRC. Further areas of application are the machining of cast materials, titanium alloys and non-ferrous metals as well as unhardened steels.

Finely ground flutes, an optimised cutting geometry as well as a new hard metal and a new coating contribute to a uniform wear behaviour with a longer tool life.

The tools are available in the dimensions M3-M16 as well as M8x0.75 and M10x1. In the standard programme, thread depths of up to 2.5xD can be realised.

       Pic.1: Schematic injection mould                                                         Pic.2: BGFS

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