Committed to 'Made in Germany'


Committed to 'Made in Germany' ­

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Safeguarding the future with modern, efficient production in the µ range. The Onstmettingen-based company will celebrate its 175-year anniversary in 2024.


Johs. Boss GmbH & Co. KG has invested heavily in recent years, thereby renewing its commitment to positive development of the company and to the Onstmettingen site. The Albstadt-based family company, which is now in its sixth generation, develops and produces precision thread tools and testing tools and sells these worldwide.
'JBO' is the market leader for threading dies and one of the first ports of call in Europe for thread milling cutters and thread gauges. As a brand, JBO stands for excellent product quality and comprehensive stock, all around the world. The company will be celebrating its 175-year anni-versary in three years.
The company has begun with the manufacturing of precision balances – the switch to threaded tools took place during the 1st World War.
To allow for steady growth, continuously changing market requirements and to meet the company's own requirements, JBO is investing in the future. While many companies are reducing spending to a minimum, JBO is releasing funds for optimising processes and improving supply availability.
For example, process stability in production is one of the most important aspects for SMEs when manufacturing products that have tolerances down to the thousandth of a millimetre – µ. A number of measures have made it possible to significantly improve this production-relevant variable at JBO's Albstadt site. Energy efficiency, temperature stability, heat recovery and a reduction in the CO2 emissions are all key aspects that played an important role in the planning of these measures.



Several measures were put in place in 2019/2020 with the construction of another production hall, the third in the last 17 years, and the extensive renovation of air conditioning systems and cooling lubricant machine cooling in existing production areas. The company's investment into a central cooling unit with free cooling, renovation of the ventilation and air conditioning and a special, clever building control system have enabled JBO to keep electricity consumption constant, despite the expanded production area and air conditioning for temperature-critical production areas. Energy advisers expect savings of around 70 tonnes of CO2 per year.
The replacement of 8 compressors for process cooling of cooling lubricant systems in the existing production space with plate heat exchanger systems, which are connected to the new, external cooling system and the investment in a new energy-efficient central cooling lubricant system for the new building make a significant contribution. Temperature stability in the production areas and the cooling lubricant used are the result of and a pre-requisite for µ-precision production.
Architecture firm Queisser GmbH worked on the planning and construction.
The final construction measures took place last year with the renovation of the four-storey main building and the redevelopment of the external facilities. The courtyards and the two additional parking areas, which opened in 2018, have been paved.




Further projects involved the installation of a new fire alarm system and several fire-resistant doors, a complete switchover to LED lighting, installation of new windows and the renovation of the sanitary equipment.
The architecture firm Marcus Czernoch were responsible for the planning and construction of the two new parking areas and the renovation work on the existing building.
JBO has also made sustainable investments in the expansion and modernisation of the mach-inery. Alongside investments in new technology such as laser machining and the latest generation metal cutting machines, maintaining and modernising the existing machinery is one of JBO's ongoing objectives.
The in-house mechanical enginee-ring department took on a large proportion of the projects. As well as maintenance and modernisation of existing machines, their tasks also include developing special new machines and the manu-facture and sales of automation components.
This department is also where industrial mechanic training takes place. In ideal circumstances, the company covers its needs for higher-level employees from this 'treasure trove'.



Picture: Ralph Conzelmann / ZAK Zollern Alb Kurier

The new production hall at JBO is a 1600 m² new building, which is divided into an air-conditioned production area for manufacturing high-precision tools and an engineering and logistics area.


A very interesting employer

Family-run for six generations, the Onstmettingen-based Johs. Boss GmbH & Co. KG has been a significant employer in Albstadt for decades. The company provides training in the industrial and commercial sector (Industrial Mechanic, Industrial Clerk) and is on the lookout for committed employees. Johs. Boss currently employs around 160 people who value a secure job and excellent opportunities for professional development as well as interesting activities and tasks.

Our core team includes many long-standing employees who have played a key role in the successful development of the precision tool factory over many years. Reduced working hours were introduced in spring 2020 due to the recession and pandemic. Incoming orders have picked up since the start of 2021, thus we have been able to gradually remove the reduced working hours. Redundancies were never on the cards.

JBO has also invested in tool development in line with the guiding principle "We develop sophisticated, efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers". For example, the company has commissioned another machining centre for testing self-developed tools.

This machine was designed purely for all kinds of cutting trials. To meet the constantly growing requirements of machining technology in the industry, the machine is equipped with all tool cooling systems available on the market. This covers both external cooling through nozzles which are aimed at the tool, as well as cooling via the spindle. Water-based cooling lubricant, compressed air and minimum quantity lubrication are available as media for external cooling. Cooling via the spindle takes place with compressed air or water-based cooling lubricant which is used with a pressure of up to 70 bar for removing chips from the machining area.
The machine is also equipped with a high-speed spindle so that extremely hard cutting materials such as PCD or thick-film CVD diamond can also be tested to their limits and cutting values can be optimised.

JBO is structurally expanding the measuring laboratory and setting the course for the future. The space that this will create will accommodate an accredited calibration laboratory with the highest requirements. This means that international standard specifications for calibration laboratories are introduced and implemented.
Advantages for customers: DAkkS (national accreditation body for Germany) calibration certificates for thread gauges can be supplied swiftly. This is often required by the automotive, aerospace and medical technologies industries, in particular. The accreditation process is set to be completed by 2021.

The many measures that JBO have undertaken over the last few years are a clear indicator of the company's dedication to the site. With 100% in-house production, this represents a clear commitment to the Albstadt-Onstmettingen site for the SME.